NOKIA 3310: The blast from the past

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Mobile World Congress (MWC) is currently being held in Barcelona and the world’s major tech companies are busy serenading the nerds with their latest gadgets and technology. While on the other hand, the Finnish Giant (well, used to be) Nokia wants to take us back to the past. Nokia has obviously launched few new phones with the Android OS, like the Nokia 6,5 and 3 but it’s something else that has been garnering all the attention.  It’s the idle ex-girlfriend, the one that got away (willingly so) and now is back to make us all nostalgic. Nokia 3310 with the trademark Nokia tune. Yes, remember her!? Sure, you do. You could take her for a ride and never worry to get back home anytime soon. Durable, ever-lasting and fun (are we still talking about the ex-girlfriend?)!



For starters, Nokia 3310 comes in four colors: OG Navy (same color as the predecessor), Business Grey, Brick Red and Bright yellow. I personally prefer the Brick red one. Most of the other things have been kept the same in the updated version for reasons we loved the first one. Starting from the simplistic design, a bit sleeker this time which feels a bit rounder this time on the edges. Well, they could have gone with a bit more of retro touch to it but well that’s my opinion. The keys and the buttons more or less have the same feel and are positioned in the same way as the previous one. What is different is that this time we have curved 2.4” colored display with a 2MP camera at the back with LED-flash light which is cool. It has a phone jack. Just putting it out there!! Also, you might as well us the microSD card (upto 32 GB) since this phone only has 16 MB of storage!! Those days huh!! Coming to battery life which was a huge USP for the original Nokia 3310, this thing has a standby time of about a month and talk time of about 22 hours. Nice!!


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The only area of concern might be the durability case which was not really addressed by Nokia. Each one of us has our own legendary story of how our Nokia survived a 1500 foot fall (not really) or being sliced with a katana! That’s something that we might have to test and validate. Of course, Nokia is not mad to advertise such a thing and start some #breakthe3310ifyoucanchallenge!! Also, there is no wifi in case you were wondering and it only supports 2G frequencies which could disappoint a few countries!


Courtesy: TechRadar

And yes, it does have SNAKES!! With better graphics and a colorful snake that only moves right or left eating Adam’s apples!


Courtesy: MrMobile

Overall, it’s a nice homage to the long-lasting predecessor. Will people buy it!? Well, at 50 bucks it’s not much of a big deal! It could easily be your weekend getaway phone, your vacation phone or your post 6 P.M phone!! Also looking at the bigger picture, this could be a decent marketing move by Nokia to get people’s attention to the fact that they are back in the phone business. Not a bad move to play the nostalgia card. As far as the future of Nokia is concerned, we will have to just wait and see if the company can make itself relevant again!

Let’s get SNAKING!!


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